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Custom Liquid Silicone Industrial Suction Cups

Silicone industrial suction cups, also known as industrial suction pads, rubber suction cups, and silicone sucker pads, are indispensable components with diverse applications. Specifically engineered for automated material handling, these industrial-strength suction cups exhibit exceptional capabilities in pickup, suction, holding, and moving various materials such as metal, glass, plastics, paper, food, and wood. This versatility makes them vital in an array of industries, including packaging, robotics, baking, printing, collating, and mailing.

The manufacturing process of these suction cups is crucial to ensuring their efficiency. Utilizing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding, a technique known for precision and durability, these suction cups are expertly crafted to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. LSR injection molding allows for intricate designs, ensuring the suction cups perform optimally in various material-handling scenarios.

The robust design of the industrial suction cups guarantees reliability and longevity, even in challenging environments. Whether gripping delicate items in the packaging industry or facilitating the movement of heavy materials in manufacturing, these suction cups play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of automated processes. As a leading OEM manufacturer specializing in LSR injection molding, our commitment lies in delivering top-notch silicone industrial suction cups that excel in performance and durability across diverse industrial sectors.

Product Description

Silicone Industrial Suction Cups Overview

Silicone Industrial Suction Cups, designed for automated material handling, excel in pickup, holding, and movement across diverse materials like metal, glass, plastics, paper, food, and wood. Their pivotal role extends to various industries such as packaging, cartoning, robotics, baking, printing, collating, and mailing. Jiaze Silicone Tech stands out as a reliable provider, offering a range of off-the-shelf universal industrial suction cups. What sets Jiaze Silicone Tech apart is its commitment to customization. Not only do they supply standard suction cups, but they also offer tailored solutions. By accommodating 2D and 3D technical drawings, samples, or customer ideas, Jiaze Silicone Tech ensures that their industrial suction cups meet the specific needs of diverse applications, providing a comprehensive and adaptable solution for material handling challenges.

Custom Industrial Suction Cups Information Required

  1. Design Input: Share 2D/3D drawings, samples, or your conceptual ideas.
  2. Material Preferences: Specify desired materials (silicon, rubber, or others).
  3. Material Class: Indicate the material grade required: food grade, industrial grade, medical grade, or flame-retardant.
  4. Working Environment: Describe the working conditions, including temperature range, chemical exposure, etc.
  5. Hardness Requirements: Specify the desired hardness level, ranging from 10-80 Shore A (Durometer). By furnishing these details, Jiaze ensures the tailored manufacture of industrial suction cups that precisely match your specifications and application needs.

Suction Cups Working Principle

Connecting elastomeric rubber vacuum suction cups to the vacuum suction equipment involves utilizing an elastomeric silicone rubber, plastic, or metal tube. This connection facilitates attachment to targeted objects such as glass, panels, boards, or paper. Upon triggering the vacuum equipment, negative pressure is generated within the industrial suction cups, initiating the movement of the targeted objects. As these objects reach their destination, the vacuum suction equipment smoothly inflates the elastic rubber suction pad.

This transition changes the negative pressure within the elastic vacuum suction cup to zero pressure or a slightly positive pressure. Consequently, the silicone sucker pad disengages from the lifted objects, completing the task of moving the objects efficiently and precisely. This process underscores the versatility and functionality of elastomeric rubber vacuum suction cups in automated material handling applications.

Industrial Vacuum Suction Cups Advantages

User-Friendly Functionality: Industrial suction cups are universally applicable, sealing and working effortlessly on various materials. Unlike electromagnetic chunks and suckers that exclusively function with metals, these cups are versatile across materials.

Object Safety Assurance: Crafted from elastomer rubber materials, industrial suction cups ensure a gentle grip. Objects are safeguarded from harm during both the suction and release processes, preserving their integrity.

Environmentally Responsible: Rubber industrial suction cups operate without environmental impact. They neither pollute the surroundings nor emit light, heat, or electromagnetism. Their eco-friendly design aligns with sustainable practices.

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