Silicone Breastfeeding Nipple Shield Protector

Silicone rubber breastfeeding pad is a protective shield for mothers to prevent pain when the baby is vigorously sucking.

Product Description

What is a breastfeeding pad?

Breastfeeding pad is a protective shield for mothers to prevent pain when the baby is vigorously sucking.

The breastfeeding Protector Shield is made of liquid silicone rubber. It is soft and close to the mother’s breast milk. So making the baby feel as if sucking breast milk with mother.

Silicone Nipple Protector Shield


Custom Solutions from Jiaze

LSR Parts Production

Jiaze offers several options for LSR part production. We carefully evaluate each project to determine suitable LSR injection molding technology for producing the components. Such as  LSR, LSR two-shot, LSR multi-shot, or LSR over-molding.

Our facility is regulating temperature and exceptionally clean. Our production areas are clean. Because our LSR, LSR 2k, multi-shot and over-molding manufacturing cells are fully automatic.  And there is minimal human contact.

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Production Capabilities

  • Single-shot molding: In this molding process, injection molding parts is only one LSR material.
  • Multi-shot molding: LSR parts have two or more polymers.  And there is a polymer and substrate in this process for more complex components.
  • Over molding: In over molding, liquid silicone rubber is molded around a substrate or finished component.
  • Micromolding: This injection molding process produces tiny, complex parts, typically with a shot weight of less than 1 gram.

As a leader and pioneer in the industry, we know LSRs and liquid injection molding (LIM) inside-and-out. Our production process is highly-automated,  stable,  efficient and perfectly designed for high-volume production of precision, small and tiny components.

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