OEM liquid silicone rubber breast pump

Food grade silicone milk collector is a great way to help a mother squeeze out and collect fresh breast milk.

Product Description


mother squeeze out and collect fresh breast milk

Key features

  1. Silicone rubber breast pump is friendly to New mama . The new mother can keep fit when baby don’t suck on the pacifier for too long and too much.
  2.  Easy to store & clean. The mama can put it into refrigerator once finish collecting. And silicone breast pump could clean by oil water.
  3.  Easy to carry. The silicone breast pump is small and delicate which can be took in bag.

LSR Components for Consumer Products

LSR offers a broad spectrum of properties and characteristics that are desirable for many consumer products. Liquid silicone rubber is naturally inert and can stand-up to chemicals and cleaning solutions. In addition to being tasteless, odorless, and bio-compatible, LSR is also resistant to UV rays, mold and bacteria, and resilient in a wide range of extreme temperatures. This is why LSR gaskets, diaphragms, valves, bellows, sealed housings, and so many other LSR components can be found in a wide range of consumer products that we use every day. Such as

  • baby bottle, silicone baby pacifier , baby nipple  and food and beverage related products
  • gas water heaters and furnaces
  • Electric shavers and toothbrushes and shower heads

JIAZE manufacturing process including high-capacity molds, fully-automated LSR, LSR multi-shot, and LSR over-molding precision injection molding systems with inline value-added operations are perfectly suited to meet the precision and high-volume demands needed for baby and mother products.

Let a JIAZE expert offer you solutions that will help optimize your design, meet your high quality, high volume demand for precision LSR injection molded components, and add value every step of the way.


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