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JIAZE SILICONE: Tailored Solutions for Your Medical Needs

At Jiaze Silicone, we specialize in the customized production of intricate medical components, catering to Class I and Class II medical devices. Our state-of-the-art facility includes an in-house mold manufacturing workshop, a precision tool processing workshop, and multiple high-efficiency silicone injection molding production lines. This integrated setup allows us to offer swift and cost-effective solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Three Collaboration Options:

1. Existing Products Customization: Modify our stock products according to your specifications. Tailor elements such as size, hardness, color, accessories, and more to align with your needs. Leverage our expertise to optimize the production method that suits your requirements.

2. New Product with Mold: Create exclusive, custom products using brand-new molds. Our skilled team of designers and engineers collaborates with you to bring your vision to life. We provide an anodized aluminum mold exclusively for your new product, stored for future manufacturing needs.

3. Prototype Mold for Testing & Prototyping: Invest in prototype tooling to assess manufacturability thoroughly. Test various scenarios, make adjustments as needed before final tooling, ensuring a seamless transition to mass production.

Partner with Jiaze Silicone for tailored, innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and precision in the medical industry.

Product Description

Jiaze Silicone for Medical Silicone Connectors

Explore Jiaze Silicone’s diverse range of medical silicone connectors catering to various tube diameters. Whether for inside or outside mounting, the connectors feature smooth, stepped, or sawtooth surfaces, ensuring compatibility with different applications.

Crafted from premium liquid silicone rubber materials, these connectors uphold the highest standards of quality. Their versatile design allows for gluable or HF weldable attachment directly to tubes, offering flexibility in application. This adaptability extends to their ability to withstand common sterilization methods, ensuring the connectors’ durability and longevity in medical settings.

Jiaze Silicone prioritizes precision and functionality, delivering connectors that meet diverse needs within the medical industry. Whether for seamless inside or outside mounting, these connectors promise reliability with their choice of smooth, stepped, or sawtooth surfaces. The use of premium liquid silicone rubber underscores their commitment to quality, offering a robust solution for medical tube connections. With gluable or HF weldable options, these connectors stand as a testament to innovation, providing a secure and lasting link in medical applications.

Properties of Connectors

Liquid silicone medical tube connectors exhibit exceptional properties that make them ideal for medical applications. Boasting robust biocompatibility, these connectors are non-toxic, ensuring safety for the human body. Their strong chemical stability prevents reactions with other substances, ensuring reliability in diverse medical environments.

Additionally, silicone tube connectors offer high light transmittance, facilitating easy monitoring for healthcare professionals. This transparency enhances visibility, allowing doctors to closely observe and assess the connected tubes. The soft and elastic texture of these connectors further contributes to their versatility, ensuring a comfortable and adaptable fit in medical settings.

In summary, the properties of silicone tube connectors, including biocompatibility, chemical stability, high light transmittance, and soft elasticity, collectively underscore their suitability for medical applications. These connectors prioritize safety, reliability, and ease of monitoring, making them a valuable component in various healthcare scenarios.

How Jiaze Silicone Process Medical Connectors

Jiaze Silicone employs a precise production process for silicone tube connectors, utilizing medical-grade silicone rubber to craft top-quality medical parts. Our specialization lies in the customization and production of medical silicone products tailored to diverse specifications and sizes, addressing individual customer requirements. Our streamlined process primarily involves injection molding, ensuring efficiency and versatility to cater to the varied needs of our customers. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Jiaze Silicone stands as a reliable source for high-quality, customized medical silicone products, meeting the specific demands of the healthcare industry.

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