safety liquid silicone rubber face mask

Product Description

Why Do You Use Silicone Face Mask?

When people are in a polluted environment, the respiratory tract is easily infected, and the Silicone Breathing Mask is a tool for self-protection.

How Does You Feel To Wear a LSR Mask?

This material feels very soft on the skin because medical grade liquid silicone rubber has the advantage of bio-compatibility.

Why choose lsr for safety and Special Applications?

Liquid silicone rubber has all of the attributes. Such as high thermal stability, o-zone and UV resistance, and long term and non-aging mechanical properties.

lsr injection molding face gas mask

Key Features

  • Multi-layered protection: air pollution, bacterial hazards, dust, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, oil fume pollution
  • Multi-layer filtration: skin-friendly anti-allergic missing particles, 0.3 micron particles, peculiar smell and harmful particles
  • Skin-friendly and breathable
  • Three-dimensional fit: Liquid silicone is soft, has good resilience and does not deform.
  • Wearing Bulled which don’t strain your ears

The Advantages of LSR & Applications

The properties and characteristics of LSR coupled with the precision and high output offered by a fully automated injection molding process is ideal for tight tolerances. Whether the part has simple, complex, or unique geometries LSR and the injection molding process can meet these challenges.

They are required to maintain dependable performance under the most challenging environmental conditions. These applications include:

  • safety liquid silicone rubber face mask
  • Irrigation and Filtration Components
  • Seals, Gaskets, and O-Rings
  • Low Pressure Exit, Check, and One-Way Valves
  • Highly-Sensitive Membranes
  • Sealed Covers and Housings

Is Silicone Rubber Right for Your Application?

Silicone rubber is a highly dynamic material. Its durable characteristics and extreme versatility make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

If your application requires a material that can deliver superior resistance to extreme temperatures, high dielectric strength, and strong overall mechanical properties, silicone rubber is the right choice.

For specific information regarding material and application alternatives, we recommend visiting our technical information page or contact us directly.

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