Liquid Silicone Rubber Auto Spark Plugs by LSR Injection Factory

Our Manufacturing History for LSR Auto Spark Plugs

Jiaze Silicone Materials stands out as a reputable and proficient manufacturer and supplier of silicone rubber specifically designed for ignition automobile wires and spark plugs. Headquartered in China, our journey in the development and manufacturing of silicone products commenced in 2016. Over the past nine years, we have dedicated ourselves to pioneering and producing a diverse range of silicone materials, with a particular focus on meeting the rigorous demands of automotive applications.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the precision and quality of our silicone rubber products. Catering to the automotive industry, we have honed our expertise in creating formulations that not only meet but exceed industry standards. The specialized silicone formulations for ignition wires and spark plugs are a testament to our dedication to delivering high-performance materials that endure the challenges of automotive environments.

At Jiaze Silicone Materials, we understand the critical role silicone plays in automotive applications, especially in ignition systems. We invite you to explore the versatility and reliability of our silicone products tailored for automobiles. Whether you are in search of materials for ignition wires or spark plugs, our comprehensive range is designed to meet the diverse needs of the automotive sector.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information about our silicone solutions for automobiles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the ideal silicone materials that align with your specific requirements. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are confident that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations for automotive silicone applications.

Product Description

LSR Solution for Silicone Spark Plugs

This platinum-catalyzed two-component liquid silicone rubber, successfully meeting the stringent UL 94 standards, is a standout material for automotive applications, especially in the production of ignition components like auto spark plugs. Achieving impressive V0 and V1 classifications for fire resistance, this silicone rubber, enriched with Poly(methylphenylsiloxane) (PMPS), boasts exceptional performance even under extreme temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius.

This UL 94-approved, platinum-catalyzed two-component liquid silicone rubber is a versatile and high-performance material, particularly well-suited for automotive applications such as the manufacturing of ignition components. With notable V0 and V1 classifications for superior fire resistance, this silicone rubber, enhanced with Poly(methylphenylsiloxane) (PMPS). It excels in maintaining operational integrity under extreme high-temperature conditions, surpassing 200 degrees Celsius.

In the automotive sector, this specialized silicone rubber is pivotal for creating crucial components like ignition wires and spark plugs. Its outstanding resistance to elevated temperatures ensures consistent performance in the demanding environments found within internal combustion engines. This silicone rubber is crucial for reliable spark plugs and ignition wires, enhancing efficiency and longevity in automotive ignition systems.

Ignition Perfection: Cutting-Edge Silicone for Auto Spark Plugs

In the automotive context, where ignition components face demanding conditions, this silicone rubber takes center stage. Operating seamlessly in high temperatures within combustion engines ensures the longevity and reliability of ignition systems. This specialized material’s resistance to both heat and mechanical stress positions it as a critical element in the manufacturing of spark plugs and ignition wires, where it plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal engine performance.

To sum up, this UL 94-approved platinum-catalyzed two-component liquid silicone rubber not only achieves top-tier fire resistance but also stands out for its remarkable ability to endure extreme high temperatures. Focusing on the automotive sector, we craft essential ignition components, ensuring durability and reliability in spark plugs and wires.

Typical Properties

Physical Properties Test Method Unit JA8626-50A/B JA8626-60A/B JA8626-70A/B JA8633-60A/B JA8632-60A/B
Shore Hardness D2204 A 50 60 70 60 60
Tensile Strength D412 Mpa 7.5 7 7 8 9
Elongation at Break D412 % 480 400 300 400 500
Tear Strength D624B KN/m 28 25 20 30 30
Linear Shrinkage JISK6301 % 1.9 1.85 1.8 2 2
Tension Set D412 DIE C % 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
TC90 160°C x 2mins sec 27 27 27 27 27

Advanced Approach to Liquid Silicone Rubber Auto Spark Plugs

The Jiaze Silicone new product team collaborates closely with clients for optimal precision LSR injection molding of auto spark plugs. We consider factors such as time constraints, tooling costs, and projected volumes. Our commitment to allocating resources early in the process guarantees a cost-effective, scalable, and practical solution.

In situations demanding exceptional electrical insulation and thermal resistance, we have meticulously developed a range of materials and bespoke components. This ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Innovative LSR auto spark plugs, redefining performance and reliability with unmatched quality and tailored solutions.

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