Liquid Silicone LED Headlight Car Lens by LSR Injection Molding Manufacturer

The Trend of Liquid Silicone LED Headlight Car Lens

In the dynamic landscape of liquid silicone LED headlights, they have evolved into a prevailing trend, transcending their initial use in high-end vehicles and making their way into middle and low-end cars. A notable player in this transformation is the emergence of liquid silicone optical lenses, mirroring the intricate design of the human eye lens.

Traditionally, automotive lenses relied on glass optical lenses, boasting advantages such as high light transmittance, exceptional hardness, and resistance to aging. While these properties made glass lenses unparalleled for automotive applications, they came with significant drawbacks, including a high price point, susceptibility to breakage, and intricate processing requirements.

As materials, molds, and injection molding technology advanced, the market saw the introduction of polycarbonate (PC) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) optical lenses. These alternatives addressed cost concerns associated with glass lenses but introduced a new challenge—yellowing over time.

In response to this challenge, the demand for liquid silicone optical lenses emerged. These lenses strike a delicate balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. They leverage improved processing properties to reduce production costs compared to glass, while simultaneously mitigating the yellowing defect associated with PC and PMMA lenses.

Liquid silicone optical lenses are now positioned as a versatile solution, offering enhanced durability, cost-effectiveness, and freedom from yellowing defects. This innovation aligns with the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry, providing a reliable and efficient alternative for modern lens-type headlights.”

Product Description

The Advantage of Liquid Silicone LED Headlight Car Lens

Liquid silicone LED headlight boast outstanding advantages, including a remarkable light transmittance of up to 94%, coupled with exceptional stability against ultraviolet rays and blue light. In the realm of automotive lighting, particularly in high-power car headlights, the new generation of LED systems presents a challenge due to their elevated lighting temperatures, reaching up to 150°C in ordinary models. Heat and radiation speed up plastic lens aging, reducing the LED system’s service life.

Enter the liquid silicone LED headlight car lens, designed to address these challenges. Their physical stability proves instrumental in mitigating lens yellowing, ensuring longevity and optimal performance even under the rigorous conditions posed by high temperatures and radiation. This innovative solution not only maintains the integrity of the lens but also contributes to the overall efficiency and durability of LED systems in automotive applications.

Anti-yellow Properties of Liquid Silicone LED Headlight Car Lens

LEDs encased in liquid optical silicone lenses exhibit remarkable anti-yellowing properties. Optical silicone lens headlights, when compared to their halogen counterparts, showcase a broader, more uniform, and brighter low-beam illumination range. A sharp low beam cut ensures strong illumination without impairing opposite-side visibility during nighttime driving. The high-beam lighting effect surpasses expectations, outperforming halogen lamps.

Furthermore, the mechatronics silicone optical lens dimming system proves far superior to halogen headlights in terms of far and near light switching. Its lightning-fast switching speed enhances safety during night driving, ensuring a swift and responsive adjustment between different lighting modes.

Features of Liquid silicone LED headlight

Enhanced Transparency and Dispersibility:

Silicone LED projector lenses outperform their PC or PMMA counterparts with superior transparency and dispersibility.

Color Stability under Extreme Conditions:

With exceptional stability, the color remains consistent even in temperatures exceeding 150℃.

Versatile Design Possibilities:

Excellent processing properties, especially in LED lighting, enable intricate and lightweight designs for projector lenses.

Durable Anti-Yellowing Effect:

The perfect anti-yellowing effect was proven after 3000 hours of 85℃/85% aging testing.

Expertise in Design Feasibility and Production Stability:

Jiaze Silicone’s professional team, encompassing mold making and LSR injection molding, ensures successful project launches.

High-Quality Surface Finish:

Achieving a surface finish up to A1 standards, guaranteeing a premium appearance for LED projector lenses.

Custom Liquid Silicone Led Car Lens

Benefit from Jiaze Silicone’s extensive expertise in crafting custom LED projector lenses for projector manufacturers across Asia, the USA, and European countries. Our rich experience allows us to offer customization services for pre-engineered silicone lenses or collaborate on the development of a unique silicone projector lens design tailored to your specific requirements.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality LED projector lenses at competitive prices sets us apart in the industry. Whether you’re looking for precision engineering or a bespoke design, we have the capability to meet your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us for further discussions on customization details and to receive a personalized quotation.

At Jiaze Silicone, we take pride in our ability to turn your vision into reality, providing you with tailor-made LED projector lenses that align perfectly with your expectations. Trust us for excellence in craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and a dedicated commitment to bringing your projects to fruition.

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