Custom Silicone Respiratory Mask OEM LSR Molding Manufacturer

Basic Information

Introducing our custom silicone respiratory masks, essential components in emergency medical care. These masks are crafted from silicone, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), or PVC, providing healthcare professionals with versatile options to meet diverse patient needs. Available in various sizes and types, including neonate, infant, pediatric, and adult, these masks ensure effective responsiveness across age groups.

With hardness levels ranging from 15 Shore A to 90 Shore A, our custom silicone respiratory masks offer flexibility and adaptability, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit during resuscitation efforts. The disposable variants, made of PVC, provide a cost-effective and hygienic solution for single-use scenarios. Alternatively, the reusable masks, constructed from durable silicone or LSR, offer a sustainable, long-lasting option for multiple applications.

Designed to endure a wide range of temperatures, our custom silicone respiratory masks excel in diverse environmental conditions. LSR models can operate between -20°C and 450°C, silicone models between -40°C and 230°C, and PVC models between -10°C and 85°C. This temperature resilience ensures that the masks maintain efficacy and structural integrity during emergency medical situations.

In essence, our custom silicone respiratory masks, with a focus on material diversity, size adaptability, and temperature versatility, stand as reliable tools for optimal performance in critical healthcare scenarios.

Product Description

Custom Silicone Respiratory Mask Introduction

The latest custom silicone respiratory mask comes in various shapes and sizes, tailoring its design to meet specific requirements for optimal comfort and effectiveness. Tailored for infants, smaller sizes feature a round shape to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, providing an effective seal on delicate faces. For adult patients, larger sizes adopt an anatomically formed teardrop shape, providing a secure and convenient fit that conforms to facial contours.

Distinguished by a flexible, soft, and transparent mask body, these custom silicone respiratory masks offer not only a comfortable grip but also promote secure handling by healthcare professionals. Designed with the utmost consideration for safety, these masks facilitate the work of doctors and nurses during critical medical procedures.

A notable aspect of these custom silicone respiratory masks is their reusable nature. Crafted with durability in mind, these masks can be used repeatedly, contributing to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The ability to reduce waste aligns with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices within the healthcare industry.

In summary, the latest custom silicone respiratory masks stand out for their tailored shapes and sizes, comfort-centric design, and reusability. Practical choice for diverse medical needs, promoting sustainability with these features.

Enhanced Care with Crystal Clear Silicone Respiratory Mask

Experience optimal patient care with our crystal-clear silicone respiratory masks. The transparent dome ensures easy observation of the patient’s condition, promoting quick and accurate assessments. Designed for a secure fit and ease of use, the dome features a thumb rest and a soft, shaped, air-filled cuff. This combination allows a tight seal on the patient’s face while ensuring a comfortable grip for healthcare providers.

Our comprehensive line includes six different sizes, catering to patients of all ages: neonate (0#), infant (1#), pediatric (2#), and adult (3-5#). This variety ensures that the proper size is available for every patient, enhancing the effectiveness of respiratory care across diverse demographics.

For added convenience, each mask is supplied with a hook ring (excluding neonate and infant sizes), facilitating fastening by a head strap. Easily remove the hook ring if it is unnecessary, providing flexibility in securing the mask. Elevate patient care with our crystal clear silicone respiratory masks, combining clarity, comfort, and versatility in respiratory support.

Key Features:

1. Transparent Mask Shell: Facilitates easy observation of vomit, bloodstains, and natural breathing in patients.
2. Standardized Mask Joint: 22/15 mm diameter, adhering to ISO5356-1 standards for seamless compatibility.
3. Silica Gel Material: The mask is crafted from silica gel, meeting ISO10993 requirements for biological evaluation.
4. EU MDD Compliance: This product aligns with the European Union Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC requirements.
5. Latex-Free: Ensures a latex-free composition for broad compatibility and reduced risk of allergic reactions.

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