Custom Silicone Protective Sleeve Cover by LSR Injection Molding

Overview of Silicone Protective Sleeve for Water Bottle

The silicone protective sleeve, a versatile accessory known by various names like silicone case, silicone cover, rubber case, and water bottle silicone sleeve, is crafted with elastic silicone, providing a unique combination of softness and flexibility. This material’s inherent properties make it a reliable choice for an array of protective applications.

In its role as a dust-proof solution, the silicone protective sleeve proves effective for safeguarding mobile phones, preventing dust particles from compromising the device’s functionality and appearance. Its application extends to glass bottles, where it functions as an anti-scalding layer, offering a secure grip and insulation against hot surfaces. Moreover, this protective sleeve acts as a reliable buffer against accidental falls, minimizing the risk of damage to fragile components.

Notably, the silicone protective sleeve is characterized by its eco-friendly and reusable nature, aligning with sustainability practices. Beyond silicone, these sleeves can be crafted from various resilient materials such as EPDM, neoprene, NR (natural rubber), NBR (nitrile rubber), and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), expanding their versatility to cater to different needs and preferences.

Whether enhancing grip, safeguarding against impacts, or providing insulation, the silicone protective sleeve stands out as a valuable and adaptable accessory for a range of protective applications. Its flexibility in material options and practical design make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking reliable protection for their belongings in diverse scenarios.

Product Description

Custom Silicone Protective Sleeve Introduction

Introducing the custom silicone protective sleeve by lsr injection molding process—a flexible guardian known as the silicone case, silicone cover, rubber case, and water bottle silicone sleeve. Fashioned from elastic silicone, this accessory boasts a unique blend of softness and pliability.

In its capacity as a dust defender, the custom silicone protective sleeve shields mobile phones from the infiltrating menace of dust, preserving both functionality and appearance. Transitioning seamlessly to glass bottles, it assumes the role of an anti-scalding shield, ensuring a secure grip and insulating against potentially hot surfaces. Furthermore, this versatile sleeve steps in as a stalwart protector against mishaps, mitigating the risk of damage to delicate components.

Distinguished by its reusable and eco-friendly essence, the silicone protective sleeve aligns seamlessly with sustainability practices. Beyond the realms of silicone. This guardian can be molded from various resilient materials such as EPDM, neoprene, NR, NBR, and PTFE, amplifying its adaptability to diverse needs.

Embodying a practical yet stylish solution, the silicone protective sleeve emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking a dynamic accessory that seamlessly combines reliability and protection across an array of applications.

Custom Silicone Protective Sleeve Advantages

The silicone protective sleeve boasts a myriad of advantages, making it a versatile and indispensable accessory for various applications:

  1. Dust-free: This sleeve serves as a reliable shield against dust, ensuring that the enclosed item remains pristine and free from unwanted particles.
  2. Waterproof: With its protective properties, the sleeve creates a waterproof barrier, safeguarding the integrity of the item it covers, even in wet conditions.
  3. Heat Resistance: Designed to withstand high temperatures, the silicone sleeve remains durable and effective in environments with elevated heat, offering lasting protection.
  4. Cold Resistance: The sleeve maintains its flexibility and functionality in colder conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse temperature ranges.
  5. Skid Resistance: Engineered with skid-resistant features, the sleeve provides a secure grip, minimizing the risk of slips and enhancing overall handling stability.
  6. Scratch Resistance: Acting as a dependable buffer, the sleeve guards against scratches, preserving the appearance and condition of the enclosed item.
  7. Oxidation Resistance: The silicone material exhibits excellent oxidation resistance, contributing to the longevity and durability of the protective sleeve.
  8. Anti-slip: Beyond skid resistance, the sleeve offers an anti-slip feature, further enhancing its stability during use and preventing accidental slips.
  9. Good Touch: Designed to provide a pleasant tactile experience, the silicone sleeve ensures user comfort, making it enjoyable to handle.
  10. Nice Appearance: Combining functionality with aesthetics, the sleeve enhances the overall look of the item it covers, adding a touch of style.
  11. Colorful Painting: Offering a canvas for customization, the sleeve allows for the addition of vibrant and colorful designs, providing a personalized and visually appealing touch to the protective accessory.

In summary, the silicone protective sleeve stands out as a comprehensive solution, delivering a multitude of benefits to ensure the safety, durability, and enhanced aesthetics of the items it covers.

Silicone Rubber Sleeve Prototype Features:

Introducing the Silicone Rubber Sleeve Prototype, a versatile solution with distinctive features tailored to meet your specific requirements:

  1. Small Order Acceptance: We understand the diverse needs of our customers, and as such, we happily accommodate small order quantities for silicone sleeves. This flexibility ensures that, whether you require a prototype or a limited quantity, we can cater to your unique demands with efficiency and dedication.
  2. FDA-Certified Raw Materials: Our commitment to quality and safety is reflected in the use of raw materials that comply with FDA certificates and RoHS requirements. This ensures that the silicone sleeves not only meet but exceed industry standards for safety, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including those involving contact with food and sensitive environments.
  3. High Efficiency and 24-Hour Production: We prioritize efficiency in our production processes to meet your timelines effectively. With the capability of 24-hour production cycles, we ensure a swift turnaround for your orders. This commitment to speed and reliability enables us to deliver high-quality silicone rubber sleeve prototypes promptly, meeting the demands of your projects without compromising on precision or excellence.

By choosing our silicone rubber sleeve prototype, you not only gain access to a customizable and adaptable solution but also benefit from our commitment to quality, safety, and efficient production processes. We strive to provide you with a seamless experience, meeting your specific needs with dedication and expertise.

Custom Silicone Protective Sleeve Surface Characteristics & Logo Treatment:

Silk Screen Painting:


  • Fade Resistance: Silk screen painting ensures longevity by resisting fading over time, maintaining the visual appeal of the printed details.
  • Light Resistance: Exhibiting resilience against light exposure, this method preserves the vibrancy and clarity of the printed elements even under varying lighting conditions.


  • Gradient Color Limitation: Silk screen painting excels with solid colors and intricate patterns but has limitations in reproducing gradient colors. It is most suitable for designs with simple and straightforward color patterns.

Roll Painting:


  • Cylindrical Printing Ease: Roll painting offers the advantage of simplified printing on cylindrical protective cases. This ensures a seamless and uniform application, especially when dealing with three-dimensional surfaces.


  • Higher Cost: Despite its convenience in printing on complex surfaces, roll painting may incur higher costs compared to alternative methods. The precision and specialized equipment required contribute to the elevated cost associated with this technique.

These distinctive surface treatment methods provide a spectrum of choices for customizing silicone sleeves. Depending on your design preferences, budget considerations, and the specific characteristics required for your application. You can select the method that aligns best with your unique needs. Whether prioritizing longevity and resilience with silk screen painting or opting for the convenience of cylindrical printing with roll painting. Each approach offers a tailored solution for achieving your desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Hydrographics Transfer Painting:


  • Colorful Pattern: Hydrographics transfer painting allows for the application of vibrant and intricate patterns, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Pattern Individuation: Offers customization with unique patterns, ensuring a personalized touch to the silicone sleeve.
  • High Efficiency: characterized by an efficient and streamlined process for quick production.


  • Not Wear Resistant: Hydrographics transfer may lack high wear resistance, suitable for applications with lower abrasion levels.

Embossed Logo:

Embossed Logo:

  • Prominent Logo: The logo on the surface of the mold is raised, providing a visually prominent and tactile feature.
  • Lower Mold Price: The mold cost for embossed logos is generally lower.

Intaglio Logo:

  • Depressed Logo: The logo on the surface of the mold is recessed, creating a subtle and refined appearance.
  • Higher Mold Price: Intaglio logos involve a depressed design on the mold surface, contributing to a relatively higher mold cost.

These additional logo treatments further expand the customization options for silicone sleeves. Hydrographic transfer painting offers a burst of color and individualized patterns but may be less wear-resistant. Embossed or intaglio logos offer design flexibility, affecting mold costs to suit various aesthetic and budget preferences. Selecting the appropriate method depends on the desired visual impact, functionality, and budget considerations for your silicone sleeve.

Custom Silicone Protective Sleeve with Two Different Parting Lines: Parting Line Influencing Factors:

Crucial factors influence parting lines in silicone sleeves, shaping the quality of the final product. Explore precision details.

Mold’s Die-Cutting Edge:

  • Maintenance Importance: The sharpness and maintenance of the mold’s die-cutting edge are critical. Lack of upkeep may damage the mold, enlarging the parting line. Ensure maintenance for precision and product integrity.

Mold Surface Treatment:

  • Impact on Parting Line: The surface treatment of the mold significantly influences the parting line. For products demanding precise parting lines, it is advisable to undergo electrical discharge machining (EDM) after the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) process. This step enhances the mold surface, giving it a textured finish.

Mold Steel Material, Located Pins, Silicone Sleeve Surface Coating:

  • Material Selection: Selecting mold steel, strategic pin placement, and matte-smooth coatings enhance the silicone sleeve’s parting line for improved quality. Each element in this combination plays a role in achieving a more refined and smoother parting line.

These factors collectively underscore the importance of meticulous mold maintenance, advanced surface treatments, and strategic material selection in achieving precise and aesthetically pleasing parting lines in liquid silicone rubber sleeves. Understanding and optimizing these influencing factors ensures the production of high-quality silicone sleeves with distinct parting lines.

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