ODM Silicone Negative Pressure Drainage Ball

Liquid Silicone Negative Pressure Drainage Ball usually used for drainage after surgery. It is composed of a ball that can absorb fluid and an adjustable hose connected to it, which is used to collect excess fluid and gas in the body and reduce pressure.

Product Description

Key features

1, Silicone Negative Pressure Drainage Balls are made of 100% medical-grade LSR which have good bio-compatibility.

2, Used to remove blood and excess fluid from wound. so as to prevent or minimize haematoma and eliminate dead space.

3, With softness and good durability, Silicone Negative Pressure Drainage Ball is easy to insert and remove.


Material: Medical grade LSR silicone rubber

Capacity: 100ml,150ml, 200ml, or customized

Color: Customization

Life Sciences (medical silicone)Products

LSR has the bio-compatibility and hypoallergenic features that minimize the risk of an allergic reaction to the end user. and the hygienic nature of the material discourages the growth and spread of fungi and bacteria. Other unique characteristics such as durability, transparency, ultraviolet- and stain-resistance, and the ability to endure extreme temperatures have driven the increased specification of LSR in the medical sector.

JIAZE offers a variety of processes using a wide range of silicone-based materials to produce hygienic custom injection molded products for use in a large variety of medical and healthcare devices, including:

  • Drug delivery
  • Fluid management
  • Surgical hand pieces
  • Respiratory devices
  • Wearable devices
  • Diagnostics products


Jiaze’s experience and expertise in LSR medical injection molding is unsurpassed. You allows us to deliver high-quality components with various complexities and design specifications, reliably and consistently.

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