Automotive Silicone O-Ring by LSR Injection Molding Manufacturer

Tailored Excellence in Automotive Silicone O-Ring Manufacturing

Our automotive silicone O-rings offer customizable materials suited to sealing system pressures and environments. Compliant with AS568 and JIS B2401 standards, they surpass competitors in strength. Eliminate sample testing hassles—our products ensure quality from the start, with no post-shipment issues.

Custom drawings specifying wire diameter and inner diameter aid in preparing automotive silicone O-ring hardness and material. At NIYOK, our tailored O-rings undergo rigorous factory testing, boasting a proven track record in Taiwan, Japan, and Brazil. Widely used in automotive and motorcycle parts, industrial rubber products, and machinery, our O-rings are essential for reliable sealing. With a cross-sectional design as the timeless ‘O,’ they represent the most common, classic, economical, and practical choice for dynamic and static applications.

Product Description

Customized with Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding at Antomotive O-Ring and Seal

Discover excellence with automotive silicone o-ring and seals, crafted from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for tailored precision. Our advanced manufacturing process involves precision injection molding, taking place within a Class 1000 cleanroom to uphold the highest standards of quality.

Liquid silicone rubber’s versatility shapes precise components, meeting industry requirements with remarkable adaptability. Particularly well-suited for PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) compliance, our LSR injection-molded parts ensure not just precision but also reliability.

These meticulously crafted parts find applications across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. LSR ensures our components deliver durability and peak performance in critical applications for demanding sectors. Choose o-ring and seal for customized solutions that redefine precision and reliability in liquid silicone rubber molding.

Why Choose Liquid Silicone Rubber Material for Automotive Silicone O-Ring

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) stands out as a remarkable material, characterized by low viscosity and high-purity elastomers. Specifically crafted for liquid injection molding, LSR is a two-part catalyzed silicone designed to deliver exceptional performance. A two-part kit, Parts A and B, ensures precise blending with equal weight portions before utilizing the elastomer.

Precision blending transforms the elastomer into cross-linked copolymers with reinforcing silica for enhanced durability. This unique formulation ensures a harmonious combination of flexibility and durability, making LSR an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including intricate components in the automotive, healthcare, and electronics industries.

The versatility of LSR extends beyond its physical properties, as it allows for precision molding of intricate shapes and detailed features. Its low viscosity enables easy flow into complex molds, ensuring that the final product maintains a high level of intricacy and detail. The high purity aspect of LSR contributes to its biocompatibility, making it suitable for applications in the medical field.

Whether utilized for manufacturing medical devices, automotive components, or electronics, LSR’s dynamic characteristics, coupled with the reliability of the two-part catalyzed system, make it a go-to material for industries that demand precision, purity, and performance. Unlock the potential of liquid silicone rubber for versatile and reliable manufacturing solutions, from blending to curing.

Why Opt for Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Over Compression Molding

  1. Cost Efficiency: Lower costs in prototyping and manufacturing scenarios make LSR molding an economical choice.
  2. Rapid Cure Cycle: LSR’s quick cure cycle allows efficient injection molding around existing components, ensuring reliable processing in high-volume batches.
  3. Compression Set Advantage: Liquid silicone rubber o-rings boast a significantly lower compression set than their compression-molded counterparts. This ensures retention of shape and flexibility, even under extreme conditions.
  4. Versatility in Environments: LSR excels in diverse temperatures, ensuring durability and reliability in a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.

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