Baby Care Industry

Jiaze Silicone has specialized in professional manufacturing of liquid silicone rubber products for over 10 years. With extensive experience and advanced production facilities, we are capable of providing high-quality materials and manufacturing services for various baby products, including design, injection molding, assembly and finishing. We continuously optimize our techniques to deliver exceptional product quality and user experience to every customer. Choose Jiaze Silicone for baby care liquid silicone products by LSR injection molding.

LSR Baby Silicone molding

Why Choose LSR for Baby Products:

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is an ideal material for baby care products owing to its unique performance advantages. The soft and smooth texture of LSR provides excellent tactile properties without stickiness, making it gentle on baby’s oral cavity and skin. In addition, LSR has outstanding heat stability for repeated sterilization at 121°C, as well as low temperature durability for cold soothing products. Moreover, LSR has superb biocompatibility and is free of toxic substances, ensuring safety for babies. Our advanced LSR injection molding techniques enable customized colors and designs. LSR brings unparalleled soft-touch and quality to baby products.

Applications of Baby Care Liquid Silicone

Jiaze Silicone can provide LSR silicone materials and manufacturing services for various daily baby care essentials. Typical applications include:

Baby Bottles: Our LSR silicone bottles adopt soft material similar to the mother’s breast, without irritation to the baby’s mouth. Bottles can withstand repeated high-temperature sterilization for hygiene.

Pacifiers: LSR pacifiers are soft and elastic for comfortable sucking. Nipple shape and flow rate can be customized based on feeding needs. Toxin-free for safety.

Food Containers: For storing and carrying soft baby food and juice. LSR has excellent sealing performance to prevent leakage and preserve freshness. Repeatedly washable and sterilizable.

Teethers: LSR food-grade silicone has perfect chewing texture, available in various shapes for teething babies, fun and safe.

Bibs: Printed LSR bibs with novel designs, waterproof and stain resistant. Soft silicone backing fits skin without discomfort.

baby silicone lsr molding

LSR Material Selection:

Jiaze Silicone uses medical-grade LSR exclusively for baby product injection molding. LSR grades are selected based on application needs. Customizable transparent or colored formulations are available. We strictly choose LSR materials compliant with FDA, LFGB, REACH and other safety standards, free from hazardous substances. Each material batch goes through rigorous incoming inspection and quality control following standardized procedures to ensure safety and performance consistency. Our accumulated data over the years supports material selection.

Liquid Silicone rubber Material

LSR Custom Design Services:

Jiaze Silicone has a strong R&D and design team capable of providing customization to meet diverse product requirements:

  • Formulate optimized LSR materials based on specific product characteristics.
  • Design product structures and molds according to process and functional needs.
  • Customize product colors through colorant formulation, supporting translucent, semi-translucent effects.
  • Provide product styling and shaping services for unique shapes, surface decorations.
  • Optimize product performance like flow rate, sealing, tactile properties based on customer needs.
  • Offer product packaging design for small batches.

We are committed to developing products with unique charm through customization to fulfil end-user personalization needs.


What safety certifications do your baby silicone products have?

Our LSR materials and finished products meet safety standards like FDA, LFGB, REACH to ensure safe use. Some products have obtained CE certification.

What is the high temperature resistance of silicone products?

Our silicone can withstand 121°C steam sterilization. Some special formulations tolerate over 150°C.

Are samples needed for customized products?

We can provide design drawings and 3D renderings first for approval before sample production.

Would the soft silicone be too limp to use?

We precisely adjust material hardness based on product use to ensure necessary hardness and elasticity for easy and comfortable use.

Do you have existing molds I can use directly?

We have some universal baby product molds (pacifiers, bottles, etc.) but mostly we design customized molds based on customer requirements.

What surface treatment can enhance product user experience?

Options like silicone skin gel coating, antibacterial, heat insulation layers can provide better tactile properties and functions.

Silicone is prone to oil stain and hard to clean?

Hydrophilic coating can be applied on the surface to improve anti-grease while keeping softness. Careful product structural design also facilitates cleaning.

What are the requirements for color customization?

Customers can provide color cards or Pantone codes for precise color matching. Color samples can also be measured and matched directly.

Do products certified by LFGB need retesting?

For non-oral contact baby products, LFGB certification suffices to ensure safety. For oral-contact products, additional food-grade safety testing is advisable.

Apart from LSR, what other silicone materials can you offer?

We can also offer HTV, VMQ, FPM, etc. per customer requests. But LSR remains our forte.