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What Is Multi-Shot Injection Molding?

Multi-shot or multi-component injection molding is an overarching term that describes an injection molding process where two or more materials are molded within the same molding machine and during the same molding cycle, resulting in an integrated molded component with multiple materials and substrates. In the context of two-shot molding, both LSR and thermoplastic parts are molded and combined in the same molding cycle. The molds for LSR and thermoplastic parts share the same platen in the molding machine, typically with the LSR mold positioned on top and the thermoplastics mold on the bottom. Regarding injection molding, two types of molds are commonly used: transfer molds and rotary molds. In a transfer molding process, after molding the thermoplastic parts, they are robotically removed from the mold and transferred up to the LSR mold for completion.

multi-shot injection molding and two-shot molding process manufacturer of LSR liquid silicone rubber
multi-shot injection molding molding process manufacturer of LSR liquid silicone rubber

Why Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Multi-shot molding presents a superior alternative to conventional injection molding methods, including single injection and two-shot molding. In traditional processes, where a single or double injection is utilized, materials are injected into separate molds to create the final products. In contrast, multi-shot injection allows for the simultaneous injection of two or more materials into a single mold. This innovative approach enables the integration of multiple materials within a single production cycle.

Benefits of Multi-Shot LSR Molding in Silicone

At Jiaze Silicone, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver top-notch, innovative solutions to tackle intricate manufacturing challenges within the realm of multi-shot LSR injection molding.

Distinguishing ourselves with perfected multi-shot LSR injection molding technology, we stand among the select few possessing the expertise and delivering the quality results essential for demanding, critical component requirements. Our pride lies in consistently providing solutions aligned with the performance needs of long-term, high-volume programs, ensuring the delivery of precision multi-material components.