The applications of lsr injection molding

The characteristic & applications of liquid silicone rubber injection molding

Liquid silicone rubber, known for its remarkable versatility, constantly inspires the development and testing of innovative applications. It is used in healthcare, automotive, electronics, gaskets, and more.

Regardless of the industry, the liquid silicone injection molding process allows for the fabrication of rubber parts or components. They must withstand extreme conditions and make your products more effective.

the application of lsr injection molding

Industries and applications include:

  • Medical /Healthcare— Liquid silicone molding has made tremendous inroads into the medical industry . Because of its excellent physical properties and superior chemical and heat resistance. In addition, medical-grade liquid silicone rubber offers numerous advantages. Such as bio-compatibility, easy sterilization and transparency. The material feels soft on the skin, which makes it an obvious choice for medical devices that contact the body. The product also meets strict FDA standards.
  • Automotive — LSR has durability, tensile strength, high thermal stability, fatigue and tear-resistance and other properties. It makes an excellent choice for components used under the hood of vehicles. Many OEMs and 1st and 2nd tier automotive suppliers prefer injection molding liquid silicone rubber to create a wide variety of standalone parts. They includes O-rings, buttons, components, gaskets, and wiring harness components. LSR can also be molded directly onto plastic or metal parts.
  • Consumer products — The numerous properties found in liquid silicone rubber provide the raw material diversification required to manufacture a broad array of consumer products. These products range from mother & baby care products, kitchen bake ware and plastic shower heads to electronic gadgets and bottle dispensers.
  • Specialty applications — The numerous types and grades of liquid silicone rubber makes the material suitable for a wide range of other uses. Such as Membranes and seal ring, one-way valves, Valves and gauges and so on.
  • Safety protective mask aspirator — including silicone breathing face mask, valves, sealing rings, silicone nasal mask, eyes protective mask and so on