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About Jiaze Silicone Tech

We are the pure liquid silicone manufacturers. From day one, Jiaze Silicone Tech has focused exclusively on LSR injection molding manufacturing technology and in providing the best solutions for precision liquid silicone rubber poducts with a wide range of industries, including automotive, consumer, life sciences (such as medical/healthcare, mother/baby care products and sex toy products), and safety and special applications.
We have advanced equipments with high standard liquid silicone cold runner system technology. Jiaze Silicone Tech always acts up to ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 quality management system .

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liquid silicone rubber molding manufacturer

Our LSR Manufacturing

As pure liquid silicone manufacturers, all of our manufacturing processes are in strict compliance with ISO9001 standards. Our manufacturing premises have customer dedicated production line and clean room possibilities.We are committed to continuous improvement activities regarding quality and environment. We continuously assess and develop our quality and management systems and operating models. Through our diligence and attention to detail, our silicon products have passed the European Union RoHS standard and are FDA, and REACH certificated.

Additionally, we have independent laboratories and a professional research and development team as well as a standardized testing center. All of this allows us to continuously develop innovative products and make improvements to our existing products. The ultimate target is to continuously improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction by maximizing the fulfilment of quality, cost efficiency and delivery accuracy in our daily operations.

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About LSR

Liquid Silicone Rubber as raw material has excellent properties regarding heat, UV and ozone resistance. Raw material has excellent physiological properties and can be used for various applications. Raw material hardness varies from 5 to 95 Shore A. Material is ideal for medical and food sector applications due to its’ excellent biocompatible properties. A specific, entirely transparent raw material is available for optical products. Liquid silicone rubber features excellent elastic resilience, good thermal aging resistance and anti-yellowing property. It is stable and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -60℃ to 250℃, while still maintaining its useful properties.

LSR Custom Parts

We specialize in the production of custom injection molded Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) parts and LSR overmolded parts, ranging from early design and prototype support to tailor-made manufacturing processes and top-tier quality systems.

We offer complete turnkey solutions to businesses seeking high-performance LSR injection molded parts. As your dedicated partner, we guide you in selecting the ideal material for your upcoming project, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. Additionally, our expert team delivers innovative tooling solutions, tailored to optimize your ongoing production needs, resulting in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our experienced engineers work collaboratively to provide you with a detailed set of specifications before commencing production. Throughout production, we implement a stringent quality assurance process, adhering to industry's highest standards. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to proudly maintain one of the lowest defect rates in the silicone manufacturing industry, securing the quality and reliability of your components.

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Quality Control

Our quality control processes are in line with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications, ensuring our products and services meet the strict standards of the LSR injection Molding. Our team is dedicated to working closely with clients, providing technical support and professional advice to ensure the success of the project. 

Advanced Production Equipment

Our advanced equipment ensures precision and efficiency in the production process.

High-Quality Raw Materials

We use only the highest quality medical-grade LSR materials to ensure the safety and performance of the products.

Continuous Technological Innovation

We continuously explore new technologies and methods to enhance our service quality and customer satisfaction.

Professional Team

Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience and expertise, providing valuable insights and support for your project.

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